On Episode 123 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis kicks off the Thanksgiving 2022 season with the first of two episodes celebrating the 35th Anniversary of John Hughes’ PLANES, TRAINS AND AUTOMOBILES. This 1987 film features Steve Martin as the tense marketing exec Neal Page and John Candy as the kind-hearted but bothersome shower curtain ring salesman Del Griffith. Despite their disagreements, they travel together on a three-day journey of mishaps in an effort to return Neal to Chicago from NYC in time for Thanksgiving dinner with his family.

Assisting in this endeavor is a very special guest; the actor who portrayed “Doobby” (the cab driver who drives Neal and Del from the Wichita Airport to the Braidwood Inn Motel); LARRY HANKIN! Larry shares some great stories about the production of the film; specifically his scene with Steve Martin and John Candy in “Doobby’s Taxiola”. He also talks about his early career in stand-up comedy and in various supporting roles on TV sitcoms like That Girl, Lou Grant and Family Ties; as well as in films like Escape from Alcatraz, The Jerk, Armed and Dangerous, The Sure Thing and Running Scared.

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Additionally, our announcer Mr. Retrovere shares this episode’s RETRO NEWS segment.

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