On Episode 091 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis’ special guest is Kris Hoff, co-tour guide on Schlemiel, Schlimazel MKE: The Laverne & Shirley Milwaukee Tour! For 17 years, Kris and her friend Donna Wilke have been part of this wonderful nostalgic experience. Kris shares details of how, on this tour, tourists will appreciate seeing Milwaukee’s City Hall which was featured in the opening shot of the popular TV Sitcom, which we first celebrated in RetroZest Episode #43. They also pay a visit to Lakefront Brewery (aka “Shotz”), where they receive 2 samples and a souvenir glass. They even make a stop to see Laverne’s heart throb the Bronze Fonz Statue. The day also includes a game of mini-bowling because the girls have to keep their skills sharp for the Shotz Brewery Tournament. The day is topped off with a frozen custard treat at Milwaukee’s legendary and nostalgic Leon’s Drive-In, which is reminiscent of Arnold’s from Happy Days.

Additionally, our announcer Mr. Retrovere helms our RETRO NEWS segment which covers:

  • 50th Anniversary of the Classic Rock Album THICK AS A BRICK by Jethro Tull
  • 45th Anniversary of the Classic Rock Album QUIET RIOT by Quiet Riot
  • 35th Anniversary of the Classic Pop Album EXPOSURE by Exposé
  • 30th Anniversary of the TV Show THE YOUNG INDIANA JONES CHRONICLES
  • Death of American Actress & Singer SALLY KELLERMAN

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