On Episode 035 of the RETROZEST podcast, Curtis conducts an exclusive interview with MELODY ANDERSON (aka Dale Arden) in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of the 1980 Dino De Laurentiis cult classic film, FLASH GORDON (released on December 5, 1980)! Other aspects of Melody’s career are discussed as well.

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Flash Gordon

  • Watch the 1980 FLASH GORDON movie on Amazon Instant Video (pay to rent or buy) by clicking HERE.
  • Watch the 2017 Flash Gordon documentary LIFE AFTER FLASH on Amazon Prime (FREE with membership) by clicking HERE.
  • Watch the original 1936 FLASH GORDON serial film (with Buster Crabbe) for FREE on YouTube by clicking HERE.
  • Watch the 1979 animated series THE NEW ADVENTURES OF FLASH GORDON for FREE on YouTube by clicking HERE.
  • Order Flash Gordon: The Official Story of the Film by John Walsh from Amazon by clicking HERE.

Melody Anderson

  • Check out Melody Anderson’s current business: www.counselingbymelody.com
  • Watch Melody Anderson in the movie FIREWALKER on Amazon Prime (FREE with membership) by clicking HERE.
  • Watch Melody Anderson on S1E22 of Battlestar Galactica “Experiment in Terra” (FREE at NBC) by clicking HERE.
  • Watch Melody Anderson on S1E1 of The A-Team “Mexican Slayride” at Amazon Instant Video (pay to buy) by clicking HERE.
  • Read the STARLOG MAGAZINE interview with Melody Anderson (Issue #41 – December 1980) about the Flash Gordon movie by clicking HERE. Note: Click on the page on the right to advance to the next page.
  • Listen (for FREE) to EPISODE 23 of the FORGOTTEN TV PODCAST, which is dedicated to the 1983 NBC TV Series MANIMAL (which starred Melody Anderson) by clicking HERE.

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