Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny – The Teaser Trailer is HERE!

by Curtis Lanclos

Well the wait is over! The Teaser Trailer for the new “Indy” film is here; Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny!

Last year, here at the RetroZest Podcast, we celebrated the 40th Anniversary of Raiders of the Lost Ark with an interview with Fred Sorenson; the actor who portrayed Jock Lindsey in the 1981 film wherein Steven Spielberg and George Lucas introduced the world to Indiana Jones…

RetroZest #66: RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK 40th Anniversary!

It appears Indiana Jones and The Dial of Destiny will be over the top with action and adventure, as well as some very convincing CGI to present a Raiders-era Indy doing what he does best; fighting some Nazis! As was the case with many Indy fans, I wasn’t a big lover of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull. This teaser trailer seems to indicate that director James Mangold is endeavoring to dig back into the roots of what made Spielberg’s original Indy trilogy so epic, and thus redeem the franchise.

Let’s hope the character arc of Indiana Jones concludes with a bang! The film will be released June 2023!

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