Retro-tastic Faux Music Videos!

by Curtis Lanclos

In June 1984, my parents presented me with a Panasonic Video Camera and Portable VCR/Tuner as a High School graduation present. This was before Camcorders were on the consumer market.

Panasonic Video Camera & Portable VCR/TV Tuner – Circa 1984!

I was so pleased to replace my old Super 8 Movie Camera with this new package! Not only did it have audio (unlike the Super 8); it also had audio and video dubbing capabilities. I messed around with this new camera quite a bit and became quite proficient at making videos.

My friends gradually started to get in on the fun. We eventually started to make our own faux music videos! I wanted to share with you a few of these videos which were made between 1984 – 1989. These have each been spruced up a little using Adobe Premiere, but the essence of the original videos are there. Also, please note that the videos get a little better as time progressed.


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